Pipe Lining & Renovation

At All Clear Drain Morecambe we use both ambient and thermally cured systems incorporating fibre glass, mats, epoxy and polyester resin lining and re-lining drains. This is more cost effective, less disruptive and cleaner than renewing a drain as it can be undertaken without having to involve costly excavation techniques that cause disturbance to the ground on which the drain is laid.

Our technique is proven to halt the development of cracks, in growing roots and other common pipe defects that can cause serious problems to the flow of waste within pipes. This technique also avoids having to deal with the ramifications of unhappy neighbours and local business, problems you can imagine will arise when excavation is adopted and pipes are open!

As with all out drain clearing and pipe renovating service we offer free quotations and we never charge call out fees. Contact us for more information on Pipe Lining and Renovation.

Do you have damaged drains?

If so, we can help you out with our pipe lining and renovation services that can help you to repair your damaged drains without incurring the cost and disruption of excavation. Additionally, pipe lining and renovation is especially useful where the location or depth of your drains makes excavation impractical. If you do not tackle the issues arising from damaged drains, you could potentially find that you may suffer leaks, flooding, structural damage or foul smells, as well as water egress that can contribute towards causing subsidence. Whilst repairing your drains can sometimes seem like a daunting task, it doesn't need to be with our pipe lining and renovation services.

What is pipe lining and renovation?

Essentially, relining your pipes involves us creating a new pipe inside your old pipe by relining your pipes requires us to install a drain lining that can bond to the inside of the existing pipe. Wondering whether you should replace or reline your drains? Replacing a damaged drain can become very timeconsuming and expensive, causing long-term disruption if large sections of pipe have to be digged up or refitted, especially if the pipes are hard to reach. Therefore, by relining your pipes instead, your drains will be able to be restored to their normal working order much quicker by avoiding much of the inconvenience of replacing your drains.

What is involved?

At All Clear Drain Morecambe, we use both ambient and thermally cured systems that incorporate fibre glass, maps, epoxy and polyester resin lining and relining drains. This allows us to perform the process without needing to undertake costly excavation techniques, providing you with a more costeffective, less disruptive and cleaner service than having to renew a drain. Excavation techniques can also result in disturbance to the ground on which the drain is laid. Over many years, our technique has been proven to halt cracks developing, which can series disruption to the flow of waste within pipes, ensuring that you do not have to deal with these issues with any unhappy nearby businesses or neighbours. If you are interested, we can offer a free quotation and we never charge call out fees if you want us to call around.

What is Ambient Cured Lining?

Covering multiple defects, ambient cured lining can be used for lining your drains in full or partially and is especially useful for domestic or small commercial applications. Lining can produce a seamless continuous repair and barrier to further damage such as tree root ingress. The liner can be cut to the length you require and can be dragged through the pipe to reline your drainpipes.
What is Thermally Cured Lining? Usually used for full or partial length lining to cover multiple defects, thermally cured lining is best suited to longer or wider pipes.

The resin used requires heat to cure it, which can result in longer installation times. Once thermally cured, the lining can then be dragged through the pipe.

For more information about pipe lining and renovation or to get a quote, please feel free to contact our friendly team of expert professionals who are on hand to help you with query today!